Premium security

Premium security

Constantly developing and demonstrating our expertise through our leading edge approach to creating and delivering the right solution.

Business & Residential Alarm Installations

Therefore, any access areas leading to the bedrooms / sleeping areas must be protected with motion sensors and optional door contacts.

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CCTV Installations

Silent Alarms specialises in HD, IP and Smart CCTV systems for home and business. The systems we supply and install consist mostly of HikVision and ProVision.

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Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is considered as the first line of defence in a typical security setup. It creates a physical barrier that delivers a 10,000-volt shock when touched and serves as a Perimeter Alarm System.

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24 Hour Control Centre

One of the biggest advantages we have over our competitors is that our 24-Hour Control Centre is located in Bethlehem and operated by local people who know and understand this area well.

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Rapid Response Services

Our control room also provides the necessary assistance in the event of an alarm trigger or in the event of an emergency by dispatching the required assistance directly to your premises.

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Neighbourhood Watch Patrols

Silent Nite Alarms offers Neighbourhood Watch Patrols at your Property or Business at a small monthly fee. We already Patrol more than 200 properties.

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Silent Nite Alarms was founded in Bethlehem, in the beautiful Eastern Free State in 2011 and has grown steadily since then to service more than 1500 alarm and response customers.

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