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Reducing Car Break-Ins And House Burglary

Silent Nite Alarms offers Neighbourhood Watch Patrols at your Property or Business at a small monthly fee. We already Patrol more than 200 Clients properties in Bethlehem. Neighbourhood Watch is one of the most effective ways for neighbourhoods to reduce crime in their surrounding areas. It will also assist in protecting property, reducing car break-ins and house burglary. An effective Neighbourhood watch will help in regaining areas from criminals. Being forewarned as to their techniques and what will go a far way to neutralize the ability to conduct their activities, has already shown excellent results in a number of areas in South Africa.

Working in conjunction with our local police services and other civil organisations, we can be a formidable team against criminals and their illegal activities. It will require commitment from individuals, and a willingness to participate in keeping the streets clean. The collaboration and impetus will vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, but this can be assessed and formalised by our Silent Nite Professionals from the area. Most people would agree that prevention is better than cure. A small price to pay, than to see loved ones suffering the often long term effects of being a victim of crime.

Creating awareness amongst residents as to the criminals’ actions and what to be on the lookout for, showing them how to monitor untoward behaviour, as well as who to report issues too, will immediately begin to produce results, while at the same time increase the levels of safety for all our community, from children through to the elderly.  This will go a far way to improve our lifestyle and reduce fear of crime in our daily lives

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Silent Nite Alarms was founded in Bethlehem, in the beautiful Eastern Free State in 2011 and has grown steadily since then to service more than 1500 alarm and response customers.

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