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The Leading Alarm & Monitoring Company

Silent Nite Alarms is the Leading Alarm and Monitoring Company in the Eastern Free State of South Africa. We have more than 30 years of combined Security Experience in the Supply, Design and Installation of Alarm and CCTV Systems. We are familiar with most of the common brands that include Paradox, Pro Vision, DSC, IDS and Texecom.

There has been a massive move towards Smart Alarms, which includes Olarm allowing the user to remain in full control of their own systems and are proving to be serious game-changers.

The design of alarm systems is of integral importance for their effectiveness in detecting real threats while avoiding false alarms. The same can be said for the selection of devices for specific requirements. Incorrectly installed detectors could result in endless false alarms or a false sense of security.

Indoor Alarms

One thing to remember with indoor home alarms is that sleeping areas are disarmed at night time. Therefore, any access areas leading to the bedrooms/sleeping areas must be protected with motion sensors and optional door contacts. Door contacts are not always required if the same rooms are protected with motion detectors.

The most important indoor areas to protect are the Main bedroom, passage/s, TV lounge, Study and other rooms that store valuables as well as garages, storerooms and outbuildings. These days children’s bedrooms do contain valuable items such as TV sets, laptops / PC’s, gaming consoles etc so these rooms should also be protected for when not at home.

For the office environment, door contacts should be installed on all out-leading doors and motion sensors installed in offices with windows as well as areas that contain items of value. Passageways and open areas should also be protected as well as server rooms or similar.

Outdoor Alarms

We are most vulnerable in the early evenings and mornings when our indoor alarm system is disarmed allowing us free movement indoors. We are also completely oblivious to any outdoor activity while relaxing, cooking, watching TV or getting kids ready for bed or school. Outdoor motion sensors, if installed correctly, essentially create a safe zone around the house protecting our doors, windows, and vulnerable areas externally.

This prevents intruders/home invaders from getting close to the house or peering through windows to gather intel to plan their point of entry. Outdoor motion detectors also offer us great peace of mind while sleeping and allowing us enough time to react to an alarm activation.

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Silent Nite Alarms was founded in Bethlehem, in the beautiful Eastern Free State in 2011 and has grown steadily since then to service more than 1500 alarm and response customers.

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