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24 Hour Alarm Monitoring and Auto Dispatch System

Furthermore, our dedicated 24-Hour control centre operates and manages our Advanced “Auto Dispatch" software. It is an advanced 24-Hour alarm monitoring and Auto Dispatch System that never sleeps. In the event of an alarm signal received, it automatically sends detailed instructions to the closest armed reaction vehicle to dispatch security officers to your premises.

This cuts out not just the dispatch time but prevents a human error from delaying a response to any premises. If the system might be off-line for any reason whatsoever, our operators can dispatch a security officer closest to your premises via our 2-Way Radio communication system. Each vehicle is fitted with a base radio and each security officer is issued with a hand radio that is directly connected to our control room in the case of a breakdown in communication.

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Silent Nite Alarms was founded in Bethlehem, in the beautiful Eastern Free State in 2011 and has grown steadily since then to service more than 1500 alarm and response customers.

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